Creative Coaching Call

Creative Coaching Call

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In one of episodes in the tv series, Once Upon A Time, ultra-knowledgable book enthusiast, Belle, helps the fearless warrior, Mulan, to discover the monster that has been attacking Mulan’s town in a matter of hours. Previously, Mulan had been searching for the same beast for weeks. Together they are able to track down and save the town from the monster.

This is how I view the experience I have working with creatives. As a designated Ravenclaw (my nerdy roots are really showing in this post), I have knowledge not only from books, but also from interviews and personal experiences working on countless new creative projects.

This has led my friends in the design field to continually seek wisdom from me when it comes to client work and following through on creative projects. I create topics based around their questions weekly and share my answers through Creative Calling Podcast.

Since often times it is not enough to truly solve a specific personal problem you may be going through, I offer one hour coaching calls. During the call you can tell me all of the details about a specific issue you may be dealing with and I will give you all of the tools, resources and guidance you need to carry on.

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